Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

Kim Nashed Yoga is going on Spring Break, April 9 -30. While we’re away, videos from our past Thursday and Saturday yoga and meditation practices as well as some 20-minute guided meditation videos will be added to our video libraries here, on Instagram Facebook and YouTube. As always, these videos are free for your use.

We will be back and Zooming with you on Saturday, May 8, 10:00 am – 11:15 am.

Soon after, we look forward to jumping back into backyard yoga and meditation with you, and perhaps in person classes at The Children’s Discovery Museum when it is safe for all of us.

We have so much to look forward to. Together!

John + Kim

Kim Nashed Yoga in the News

The March 2021 Medical Quarterly of the Morning Sentinel includes an interview with Kim on how to combine yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet to support you through these pandemic times. Read more here.

A Lesson Through Guided Meditation

John Parsons & Kim Nashed lead you through a guided meditation.

Turning Inward with Balance & Ease

Cultivate a better awareness; transform yourself into a small stone dropped into a deep still pond.

Yoga for Stillness & Awareness

This lesson focusses on centering yourself and cultivating a deeper inner stillness.

Yoga for Welcoming Spring

As winter fades and spring arrives, let the old escape into the new. This practice will help you shine your inner light into new areas of awareness.

Yoga for Deeper Inner Understanding

Yoga is a meditation for the body, including the physical, energetic and emotional states of our bodies. This practice helps the yogi to achieve greater depths of understanding the inner paths of one's perceptions.

Inner Body Bright

Connect to energies both inward and upward and find nourishment physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga, Meditation & Exploration! Namaste.